About Steve

Hi, my name is Steve and I have been teaching English in Thailand since 2004. I had a variety of jobs before going back to university at the age of twenty-eight and now have a bachelors degree, teaching diploma and TEFL certificate. I enjoy writing contemporary history, am a qualified facilitator and have a keen interest in crypto-technologies like Blockchain. In my life I’ve built up a wealth of knowledge in many areas of business and have countless lessons, tips and tricks to help people learn English – I want to share them freely with students all over the world.

I have been happily married to my Thai wife Pom for almost 10 years but we don’t have any children of our own. We do have a lot of free time and love to travel the world together. We have a small family rubber farm that we visit on the weekend where I relax by reading, writing, juggling and swimming. I’m also in the process of developing DLive.tv as an online classroom so I can teach English while playing computer games!

My 2017 New Year’s Resolution was to start a website and write some blogs to help students with their English studies. After years of working with younger children, I am very interested in helping students attain fluency as well as accuracy. I’m happy to throw myself into this new venture with enthusiasm and dedication.

I can even help you start your own website blog too, if you know your passion?

I’m currently teaching in Asia so am available in the GMT+7 timezone – if you are looking for advice please be patient. You can leave comments at the bottom of my posts to let me understand your needs and I will write lessons especially for you, a legacy for this community at English Teacher Online.

Thanks for taking time to visit my website, I trust I will be of service in due course.

Teacher Steve
BA(hons) Development Studies with History
Diploma in Teacher Education