Money Does Grow On Trees

As our world enters the robotic revolution and jobs become harder to find, many argue that the answer is to change our current model through unconditional monthly payments to every man, woman and child.

English Teacher Online has been promoting SwiftDemand, a international crypto-currency experiment into basic income since early 2018. Read on, learn more and contact your local politician today to demand that money does grow on trees in your country too.

What is Universal Basic Income?

Every citizen deserves a basic income so they can share in their country’s wealth. Pilot projects around the world show that when governments give people an unconditional basic income in the vicinity of £500 a month, the vast majority use that money wisely to improve their own lives, care for family, start or support local businesses and generally add to the economic health of their community.

There is now growing support to extend these pilots through the deregulation of welfare programs so that people have real incentives to find their true purpose in life.

Ikigai is a Japanese word used to describe where your passion, mission, vocation and profession converge – resulting in achievement, happiness and fulfillment far beyond those we can measure in money terms alone.


Not offering basic income to future generations threatens millions of unrealized dreams based purely on the myth that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Money Does Grow On Trees

The simple truth is that money is created by banks, when they double ledger a new loan as debt. Over 90% of the world’s money is made up of this debt!

It’s up to the people to demand that this power to create money is used by the government to provide its people with universal basic income.

Every citizen, regardless of economic status, should receive this unconditional funding to follow their dreams and create a culturally rich world full of enterprise and artistic expression.

We must be brave and unshackle ourselves from 19th and 20th century theories and systems which modernized the material world but also taught us to feel guilty about all the free time that mechanization brings.

The 21st century needs to free the human spirit with a willingness to experiment and achieve greatness in ways our grandparents only dreamed of.

It’s time for universal basic income – it’s time to shake that money tree!


Contact your local politician and ask for basic income today. Please share your results in the comment section.

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Broken Money And The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

As student debts strangle, house prices soar, pensions evaporate and we all struggle to make ends meet, English Teacher Online feels obliged to point out the relationship between broken money and the rise of cryptocurrency.

Once again this week, America faces a government shutdown. The American debt is over 20 trillion dollars and has surpassed the GNP in debt – America is officially a debtor nation. They are trying to grow their way out of it but it probably won’t work.

Why is Money Broken?

Since 1913, the way money is created in the economy has changed dramatically. In 1913, both the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Service were created and passed as law in shady circumstances. Most of the country knew about it and had strong feelings about it but today maybe 80% of US citizens have no clue what the Federal Reserve is, much less who most of their debt is owed too.

In the 1970s, America left the gold standard completely which was the final part of a plan to break the people’s money. Prior to this Fort Knox and other mints backed US currency with gold. Today, there is no gold in Fort Knox – money is not backed by any tangible asset. In fact, money is not money anymore – money is debt.

Money Is Debt

Every dollar in existence, the money in your paycheck, the money you buy groceries with, the money you pay your cable bill with – it’s all debt borrowed into existence. The money is borrowed from the Federal Reserve, from the treasury as a low interest loan and the Government pays fees eternally. They also sell Treasury bills with a guaranteed rate of return to citizens and other countries.

What this means is Congress no longer mints money. The founding fathers had strong feelings about central banks, having left England for financial and religious freedom. Thomas Jefferson called Central Banks, “a greater threat to liberty than a standing army.”

How Are We Chained To Broken Money?

Now we have identified the instrument of debt for all Americans, we now need a way of chaining them to this debt – and here comes the rise of the Internal Revenue Service. Any idea that a Government should tax anyone on their income is regressive. People should be taxed on consumption not production. When the IRS was first put into law, taxation was never meant to exceed 3%.

So now you can see the US Dollar is a currency backed by nothing, created by a quasi-federal bank that creates debt and lends the money they created out of thin air to the Treasury, that creates a debt on the American people.

They also determine the interest rate and regulate the amount of inflation in the economy by contracting or expanding the amount of money in the economy. They receive an interest payment every year as part of the taxes levied on the American people.

Who on Earth Would Create a System Like This?

Well, the answer is the world banking industry.

Banks know that debt can be represented as an asset on their balance sheet and they can use that asset as financial leverage across the world – and they do!

For banks, a loan is an asset – for us, a loan is a liability.

Banks leverage these assets and create more loans leveraged against them. So they can lend against this asset up to 100X depending on the bank.

Our monetary policy needs to change. We need to leave this system of usury that enslaves most of the world population regulated by Central Banks.

Why Hasn’t It Changed Already?

Any country that attempts to change the status-quo becomes the enemy and is subjected to the military. A great deal of war, death and misery is inflicted on those who attempt to break free from this control by the global power system.

Banks finance war on both sides so the winner is irrelevant to them – banks always win. War stimulates the economy, and that’s one of the reasons we have wars.

The last American president who attempted to end this financial slavery was assassinated.

It’s all about money and control.

How Can People Take Back Their Money?

This is why Cryptocurrency is so appealing to people all around the world. A decentralized currency is worth what people think it’s worth. It is free of government control and therefore is not an instrument of debt. It can move freely from person to person, across state and country lines almost instantaneously and without crippling fees or governmental intervention.

This is why many countries and banks hate it.

The financial and insurance industries are afraid. Banks make money in bonds, annuities and securities – giving little or no return for the money you invest, while they make 200% on your money. Banks are trying to destroy crypto or control it if they can. They recently attempted to take all the value out of the crypto-market by shorting it. But there are thousands of new people each day moving in to support it.

Money is Broken and the People Can See!

People have decided to stop playing the bankers’ game. As billions flow into the crypto-market, new exchanges can’t take the load sometimes. The market could top 5 trillion dollars in 2018, with huge wealth transfers from across the globe.

Money has changed forever and the genie is not going back in the bottle. This is not about tulips or bubbles and any person who says otherwise has no understanding of the modern global economy or is trying to support the current system for their own gains.

In 2020, people globally may have no memory of a time when there were no decentralized currencies. People are choosing liberty on an individual scale. Once we take back our money, we have a better chance of freedom.


How Can I Join The Crypto-Evolution?

Study the markets carefully. Try to buy on the dips, not at all time highs. Take your time, and sign up to these exchanges – use your own affiliate links to invite friends. Study the markets again together with groups of people you trust and only choose investments that  you truly believe in. Finally, never invest more than you are prepared to lose. to start buying Bitcoin in the UK/USA etc. to buy Bitcoin in Thailand. to buy alt (alternative) coins with Bitcoin.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser, always do your own research and only invest in projects you truly believe in.

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Mid Term Reflection of Grade 5

How’s it going?

English Teacher Online takes a break with our mid term reflection of Grade 5 – to help us understand what to do next. Remember our week 0 blog, How to be a Great Student?

Reflection is important because we do not learn from experience alone, but rather we learn from reflecting on those experiences.

As you chill out after finishing your midterm exams, your teachers will also be reflecting on what’s happened so far.

How to Reflect

We have studied so many different things between week 1 and 10, what have you learnt from them?

What was your favourite topic and how could you further your interest in it?

What subject do you not understand or need extra help with?

What do you love most about Grade 5?

How could the school make Grade 5 better?

How could you make Grade 5 better?

Please write your answers in the comment section or email: Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org

Learning from direct experience can be more effective when combined with reflection. We intentionally attempt to synthesize, abstract, and articulate the key lessons taught by experience. Reflection is a powerful mechanism behind learning.

Airport English

Do you want to learn English and travel the world?

Holidays and business trips are so much easier when you become fluent in English.

Airport English is a free vocabulary lesson by English Teacher Online that you can use for conversation practice too.

The lesson takes you from Bangkok to London via Dubai.

Before you Leave Home

Print-out your tickets, boarding pass and hotel reservations (bookings). Make sure you know your flight details and go to the check-in counter at the airport.

Q: Who are you flying with?

A: I am flying with (Emirates Airways).

Q: What is your flight number?

A: I am on flight (EM123).

Q: Where is the check-in counter?

A: Your check-in counter is (that way).

Check-in Counter at the Airport

When you first arrive at the airport, to catch your flight, you should go to the check-in counter. Look for your flight number on the “Check-In Information” board to see where your airline check-in counter is. As you get closer, you’ll see a flag or logo of the airline you’re flying with.

Q: What time is my flight?

A: Your flight departs at (01:00) from gate (B38)

Q: Do you want to check in any baggage?

A: Yes, I have one large suitcase and one carry-on.

The check-in counter is where you need to drop-off your checked bags and collect a boarding pass. The staff may also ask you questions about any carry-ons. During check-in, think about sending your checked baggage all the way from Bangkok to London by saying:

A: Please check my bags (through to London).

Checked luggage/baggage are the bags and suitcases that you give to the airline to place in the cargo section of the airplane before you board.

Most airlines have a baggage allowance, between 15-30 kg, to limit the weight of each bag. If your bags are overweight, you may be charged an excess baggage fee.

Luggage is British English. Baggage is American English.

Both words are correct collective nouns, describing your suitcases and bags. Always use the singular form.

Seating Preferences

The check-in staff will ask you where you want to sit on the plane.

Q: What’s your seating preference?

A: I am not sure. What seats do you have available?

Q: Would you like an aisle or window seat?

Aisle seats are located along the walkway (aisle) between the middle sections of the airplane.

Window seats are located next to the windows of the plane.

Middle seats are located between the aisle and window seats.

A: I would like a window seat please.

If you are extremely tall, you may want to request a seat with extra legroom (extra space for your legs). These seats are located near the emergency exits (doors) of the airplane.

A: I would like a seat with extra legroom please.

Boarding Pass and Carry-On Bags

Carry-ons are the bags you can carry on the plane with you.

Q: Do you have anything dangerous in your carry-on bag?

A: No, I’ve checked your website and everything is safe.

You will need a boarding pass (ticket) that allows you to get on the plane. Sometimes you can print your boarding pass at home, online.

Q: I’m sorry but I didn’t print my boarding pass earlier.

A: No problem. Here is your boarding pass. Please go to gate (B38)

On your boarding pass you will see a “gate number” (B38).

Q: Where is my gate (B38).

A: That way. Please follow the signs.

Duty Free Shops

On the way to boarding your plane, you’ll pass through duty free (tax-free or low-tax shopping) and food courts. This is your last chance to buy a magazine or snack before you get on the plane.

Q: Excuse me. How much is that (magazine)?

A: That’s 10 Dirham (Dubai currency equal to $2.70 or 100 Baht)

Boarding Your Plane

The boarding gate is the place (gate) where passengers go to board the airplane. There’s a departure lounge (waiting room) where you can sit before it’s time to board.

Q: May I see your boarding pass please?

A: [You only need to show your boarding pass – and smile]

BEWARE: Gates close 20 minutes before departure so DON’T be late!

Taking a Connecting Flight

If you change planes on the way to your destination, you are taking a connecting flight. This brief stop, to change planes is called a lay-over or stop-over. Bangkok – Dubai (stop-over) – London.

You will need a boarding pass for this second flight and may be asked for your seat preferences once more!

Sometimes you’ll need to collect your bags (Baggage reclaim) and check-in everything again! To save time, request to check your baggage all the way from Bangkok to London by saying something like, “Please check my bags through to London.”

Passing Through Customs

Customs can be the most stressful experience for travelers. This is where you have to explain why you have arrived in the country and tell custom officers what your intentions are. Don’t stress! Practice these phrases.

Q: Why have you come to the United Kingdom?

A1: I have a connecting flight. (If you’ve arrived in a country where you will not be staying, this is how you say you will be boarding another plane to go somewhere else.)

A2: I am traveling for pleasure / leisure. (If you’re traveling for fun or for vacation, use this phrase so the officer knows.)

A3: I am traveling for business / work. (If you’re traveling on behalf of your company or you are on business.)

Q: How long will you be here?

A: I will be here for (10) days. (Give the number of days you will be in the country. Never overstay your visa!)

Q: Where will you be staying?

A1: I am staying with / visiting family. (If you have family members at your destination, the customs officer will want to know. Make sure you have written down their name and address – the officer will probably ask!)

A2: I am staying at the (Ritz Hotel). (Have the name of your hotel ready.)

Taking a Taxi (expensive)

When you arrive in your English speaking destination, you’ll have to find your way from the airport to your hotel. You’ll probably need to use public transport such as a taxi, train or bus to get around the city.

TIP: Try to plan ahead of time. Know how to get to your destination!

Q: Where are the taxis please?

A: The taxi rank is over there. Follow the taxi sign!

Taxi “ranks” are places where taxis park and wait for customers.

TIP: Find a meter taxi. If you travel off-the-meter, it can be very expensive!

Q: I want to go to the Ritz Hotel please.

A: That will be £50 (Pounds).

Q: Will you do it on the meter please?

A: Alright guv. (British slang for yes sir.)

Save Money – Take A Bus

If you are feeling confident and want to save money, then try asking for directions.

Q1: Where is the bus stop / railway station please?

Q2: Excuse me. How do I get to the Rizt hotel?

Q3: What’s the easiest way to get to the hotel from Victoria Railway Station?

TIP: You could also Google this information before hand, so you know exactly where you’re going.

or Catch A Train

Q: What time is the next train to (Clapham Junction) please.

A: 10:25 on platform 3.

Q: One single ticket to Clapham Junction please.

A: £6 (Pounds) please.

TIP: If you want to use a bus or train to go and come back on the same day, then ask for a “return ticket.” Single tickets are just for “one-way travel.”

At Your Hotel – Checking-In

You probably made a hotel reservation (booking) online when you bought your flights. When you arrive at your hotel, all you need to do is tell the front desk staff.

A: Hello, I have a reservation under (your name and / or company).

Q: Do you have a reservation number?

They may ask for more information, like your reservation number to complete the registration process, before they give you a room number and key.

TIP: It’s always a good idea to print out all your documents before you travel. Batteries can run low on a long flight so don’t rely on electronic devices until you reach your room!

Practice your pronunciation (accent) with these phrases by booking me as your teacher.

Need extra help with travel. Please leave a comment or email: Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org

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