A Letter From Japan

English Teacher Online has received a letter from Japan.

Can you guess who it is from?

Hello from Japan!

I hope you are all having a great term so far!

Life in Tokyo is interesting and fun. It is very crowded but it is also very clean and beautiful. Japanese people dress very neatly. They are usually wearing business suits or trendy and colorful outfits. Even the dogs have neatly trimmed haircuts and fashionable collars!

It takes me about two hours on the train to get outside the city to a forest. It is worth the long train ride because the trees and flowers are very nice. Local people like to take photos of the birds and flowers. In about a month, I am planning to hike to the top of Mount Fuji!

I like the food here in Japan but I also miss Thai food very much. I especially miss spicy salads. Most of the Japanese food is not spicy at all so it tastes a little boring to me. Of course, the sushi is amazingly delicious! I eat sushi about four times every week.

I have noticed that people in Japan work very hard. Some of the students at my university are taking fifteen classes this term. I have also seen people coming home from work on the train near midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. My teaching days are pretty long, too. I leave for work at 8:00 AM and come back to my apartment at about 7:30 PM.

Teacher Sarah and I have been doing lots of fun activities during the weekends. We went to a baseball game one night. Japanese people are usually very quiet but they yell incredibly loudly in the stands at the baseball stadium. We also went to the biggest arcade I have ever seen! It has five floors with different kinds of games on each floor. We played air hockey, a sports car racing game, darts, and a rhythm game where you use drumsticks to keep up with the beat of a song. I won the air hockey game but Teacher Sarah won the drumming game by a lot.

I miss you all!

Teacher Trimble

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