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Career Advice to Save the Planet

What if we all woke up everyday looking forward, full of ideas and energized because we had found our purpose in life?

Well, English Teacher Online thinks this career advice to save the planet can help you do just that –to have a happy, successful and prosperous life too.

How Should I Choose My Career?

Start with your passion, what you love to do and are good at.

It needs to be your vocation, what the world needs and you can be paid for.

Don’t just settle for a profession, what you are good at and could get paid to do.

Find your mission, what the world needs and that you love.

Your ‘Ikigai’ is your purpose in life, the point where your passion, mission, vocation and profession converge – and it’s really important that you find it.

Why Is Money Not So Important?

Most of the problems in this world come from the fact that people aren’t happy. They are forced to do things just for money and not for the greater good of saving the planet.

Unhappy or uncaring people in power can easily make bad or corrupt decisions because they are not following their true path, they never found their Ikigai.

Money isn’t even real, it’s just a trust mechanism that we use to exchange time, goods and services.

In an automated world – culture, art and music become a currency that enriches society. Nobody should feel they need to do a job just because someone says that everyone needs to work.

Before the 21st century, housewives were exploited because they felt obliged to work hard without any monetary reimbursement – they did it for love and an understanding that if the chores weren’t done, the house could easily fall into ruin.

Gender equality is helping, as men and women start to share household chores but we need to see this reflected across society, not least in the positions that affect our planet most.

Nobody can predict the future – most of us can’t even predict what will happen next week! The only thing we should really be interested in is happiness in the workplace.

How Will We Save Humankind?

The universe is so beautiful that it deserves to be appreciated and enjoyed by sentient beings such as us. At this moment our species is very vulnerable to a meteor strike or other natural disaster.

We can save our civilization in two ways:

  • Escape the planet and colonize other areas of space.
  • Protect Earth’s environment so that it’s able to support human life in a meaningful way.
Double our Chances of Survival

This is not an either or scenario. We can choose to work for both outcomes, to have a life supporting Earth and human colonies beyond our mother planet. The important point is that these two goals should not conflict with one another.

So, what is your Ikigai? What is your purpose in life? Your passion, mission, vocation or profession? What career path will you choose? There are so many possibilities – good luck choosing well.

Please post a comment or email: Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org

Money Does Grow On Trees

As our world enters the robotic revolution and jobs become harder to find, many argue that the answer is to change our current model through unconditional monthly payments to every man, woman and child.

English Teacher Online has been promoting SwiftDemand, a international crypto-currency experiment into basic income since early 2018. Read on, learn more and contact your local politician today to demand that money does grow on trees in your country too.

What is Universal Basic Income?

Every citizen deserves a basic income so they can share in their country’s wealth. Pilot projects around the world show that when governments give people an unconditional basic income in the vicinity of £500 a month, the vast majority use that money wisely to improve their own lives, care for family, start or support local businesses and generally add to the economic health of their community.

There is now growing support to extend these pilots through the deregulation of welfare programs so that people have real incentives to find their true purpose in life.

Ikigai is a Japanese word used to describe where your passion, mission, vocation and profession converge – resulting in achievement, happiness and fulfillment far beyond those we can measure in money terms alone.


Not offering basic income to future generations threatens millions of unrealized dreams based purely on the myth that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Money Does Grow On Trees

The simple truth is that money is created by banks, when they double ledger a new loan as debt. Over 90% of the world’s money is made up of this debt!

It’s up to the people to demand that this power to create money is used by the government to provide its people with universal basic income.

Every citizen, regardless of economic status, should receive this unconditional funding to follow their dreams and create a culturally rich world full of enterprise and artistic expression.

We must be brave and unshackle ourselves from 19th and 20th century theories and systems which modernized the material world but also taught us to feel guilty about all the free time that mechanization brings.

The 21st century needs to free the human spirit with a willingness to experiment and achieve greatness in ways our grandparents only dreamed of.

It’s time for universal basic income – it’s time to shake that money tree!


Contact your local politician and ask for basic income today. Please share your results in the comment section.

What’s your passion? Start your own dream business today.

Gender Leads Corbyn Brexit and Education

This is an ongoing working essay for IFUGAO University Diploma in Teacher Education, Strategies in Teaching and Field Studies modules. English Teacher Online is taking a creative break to comment on the UK general election. I want to explore how gender leads Corbyn Brexit and education policy in the future – and in so doing, explain why I enjoy being a progressive English teacher for the global community.

On the 9th of June 2017, Teresa May’s Conservative Party made a deal with the Ulster Unionists (DUP) to take control of a (strong and stable) UK hung parliament. But those ten DUP members of parliament have been told that they can not negotiate different Bexit terms that benefit Northern Ireland.

Why not? The DUP should force the government to open the way for each of the regional players to have their say in local Brexit matters too. All the regions have different Brexit issues. This really is the right time for a ‘coalition of chaos’ and the regions need to be strong enough to tell the government what they need.

I have always thought that a strong and stable United Kingdom is one where a person’s home is their castle. My home is as dear to me as your home is to you, a fair and friendly United Kingdom. A strong and stable Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales, whose needs from Brexit are as fractured as a jig-saw puzzle.

We must accommodate each region (as we accommodate individual students in a classroom) and allow them to take part in their own Brexit negotiations for the benefit of their local community interests.

The coalition leader must be someone who understands the Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Londoners and English. One who knows how to guide these friends to be more than the sum of their separate parts.

Jeremy Corbyn is a leader who seeks to protect the environment, work with key stake holders in vital areas and fight for workers’ rights. As a Union man, Corbyn understands regional structures and how to work at a local level for the good of each individual community.  Young people are more engaged, and I sense the British people are ready to take our country back from Brussels – so let’s Brexit with Corbyn leading our ‘coalition of chaos.’

The UK’s Competitive Advantage is English Language

Corbyn’s pledge to put essential funds back into education so that every British citizen has the opportunity of free university education is a no brainer. Building more universities to take in extra numbers will fund the policy – by offering up to 50% of British university places to international students. Living in ASEAN, I know that parents of international students are ready to fund Corbyn’s free university tuition plan by paying for their children to study English in the UK.  Britain’s competitive advantage in the global market place is our English language.

We can improve our high quality free education system if we manage our resources properly. Education should also be creating a surplus to help fund our National Health Service (NHS) too.

Racism is still a problem and some British people need to learn how to integrate with the brilliant foreign minds who come to study in our technical colleges and universities. The British people must look deep inside themselves to find wisdom and compassion, for the prosperity of our cosmopolitan kingdom.

As a teacher, my job is to empower students to become good global citizens and equip them with the skills needed for lifelong self-directed learning. If the rich 1% (elites who selfishly hoard wealth and strangle our economy) want to leave the UK, then we should let them. If the Multi National Corporations (MNCs) left the UK today, British infrastructure would still remain.

The people would keep calm and carry on.

We could fill those empty buildings with faculties of education and student housing. We can transform the United Kingdom into a global language center, teaching English to anyone who wishes to learn. Let’s put education at the center of the UK’s ten-year plan for the future.

After Brexit, English will remain an important working language within the European Union (EU). Let’s strategically plan to protect English, let’s protect our competitive advantage and diversify for the stability of future generations.

Massive Brexit Team for Regional and Gender Equality

Teamwork and group collaboration in the classroom has become an accepted norm – it’s important preparation for students because it better reflects the real world we all work in.

Please sign this petition and help build the biggest team of negotiators possible for Brexit, because the UK isn’t going anywhere! We have many strong negotiating teams in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales ready to get talks started in their local areas. They understand their own different issues and needs, better than any centralized government could. We need to work so very hard because this is a national emergency. Does anyone else think the UK needs to seize back the means of production from the MNCs too?

Brexit is not the end, Brexit is an entrance.

Stop austerity and shake that magic money tree please!

I think young people like the name, “coalition of chaos” – we can relate, not everything is as ordered and easy as our parents told us. By negotiating professionally for their regional Brexit futures, the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and regional stake holders’ can get the best deals for their areas. Put everything on the UK table and discuss implementing what’s best for everyone, kingdom wide in 2019.

Stop the brain drain from Scotland. Put money back into sensible ideas like education, healthcare, milk rounds and community vegetables gardens. Trust UK communities to make the right decisions for themselves.

We need a leader who will fight for strong workers’ rights while protecting the environment through sustainable development.

This is how we become strong and stable. It’s how I teach in school, working hard to help students become good citizens who want to be proud members of the global family.

Gender And Education

Am I a better teacher when I embrace my feminine side? As a male teacher, I must remember to stay calm so I can nurture, guide, facilitate, motivate and negotiate with the students in a professional and sensitive manner. Playing games with any age group including adults is both relevant, fun and rewarding.

Corbyn says it would be, “appalling,” for the UK to strike another country with nuclear weapons. He says it would represent a diplomatic failure, potentially leading to a global extinction event.

Corbyn shows extraordinary empathy with the global community. He is a visibly unique male role model for citizens to follow. His stance on the use of nuclear weapons is defensive like the thoughts of a mother when protecting her children. Jeremy Corbyn is a great teacher and political leader.

We must remember that the British education establishment was built during the industrial revolution and in its own image. (Ken Robinson, 2010, RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms)


Victorian Britain was a deeply patriarchal place in our history. Setting children on conveyor belts according to their, ‘date of manufacture,’ run by slave masters carrying the dreaded cane – Victorian English Educators who maybe didn’t know any better?

I know that language learning is a much more evolved process.


Cap It All Ism

Cap It All Ism is a transitional mode of production which caps/taxes excess and promotes a sustainable development model.

Cap It All Ism seeks to explain the inequalities that threaten the collapse of Western society by providing an evolutionary response for regional communities to gather strength – supporting local economies at the expense of global domination by the elites.

English Teacher Online points to a 2017 BBC editorial describing how Western civilization could collapse due to stronger governance globally by countries such as China in the twenty-first century

“By 2050, the US and UK will have evolved into two-class societies where a small elite lives a good life and there is declining well-being for the majority,” Randers says. “What will collapse is equity.”

As campaigns begin for the snap general election in the UK (due to be held on the 8th of June 2017) a debate between people sheltered in their social networks and echo chambers of fake news and political apathy may already be impossible. But since a recent death in the family, I feel compelled to write. It is imperative that we discuss options to take back the UK because that was the 2016 referendum result.

Britain first, if you like?

But who do we take the UK back from? And how?

“While the top 10% of global income earners are responsible for almost as much total greenhouse gas emissions as the bottom 90% combined. Similarly, about half the world’s population lives on less than $3 per day.”

The UK, through Brexit, has a once in a lifetime opportunity to cap excess in a world of finite resources. It could herald the beginning of equality – that not only stabilizes the transition but lays a strong foundation, before the robotic revolution makes slaves/refugees of us all. We should not fear this new technological era but rather plan for a smooth evolution – where people are free to follow a highly cultural and artistic path. We therefore need to put a cap on tax-evading corporations immediately and make provisions for the working class with proper fiscal planning.

Robotic labour will free the working class from many mundane activities and could herald a new Cultural Renaissance in the arts, but only if people have the means (money) to follow their dreams.

Is Money Broken?

Positive Money and the Basic Income Movement is the UK have suggested some credible concepts for funding a new “labour-less society.”


Many traditional Tory supporters do not agree with basic income. The most wealthy in society gained from the short term mistakes of quantitative easing, how to waste £375 billion. It will become even more wasteful if the beneficiaries of it (banks, stock markets and big global shareholders) decide to move that money out of the UK to Europe and beyond, post Brexit, in 2019.


We should not keep calm and carry on. The working class would be wise to get serious and protect our common interests this Spring.

The two year Brexit timeline with the EU is required to negotiate a new trade deal but more importantly, the British people must now look to protect their sovereign wealth (which was created by the Bank of England) and make sure that cash does not escape to foreign soils. I fear some of the money is escaping as I write, and a vote for Labour (or against the Tories at the very least) on June 8th is our best chance of keeping what’s left, “in the country.”

Once in power, a Labour led Liberal/Green coalition will need to Cap It All (the elites and MNCs) and build a treasure chest to avoid the collapse of Western civilization. They will have to strengthen the powers of the monopolies and mergers regulators too.

The Tory’s have and will sell the working class, our homes and our companies to the highest bidder. What makes you think they won’t make your job redundant too? Without proper labour laws to protect workers’ rights, any number of scenarios could see us living like refugees in our own country by 2050.


The debate for Cap It All Ism has never been more urgent and in Jeremy Corbyn we have a Prime Minister in waiting who could lead us out of the EU – securing the means of production for UK workers and worker-shareholders alike. Unfortunately, a smear campaign has harassed our most left wing leader for decades because many people fear what they do not understand.

Can the working class own the means of production?

A country of shopkeepers, service providers and shareholders in the companies that British people have successfully built up over centuries. Co-operatives and local business forums that help to reintegrate the UK independently of Brussels.

Cap It All Ism seeks to reform the relationship between workers and business. If we are to have any chance of negotiating favourable terms with our European neighbours, they (the EU) must recognize the UK as a pioneering leader in Europe – not some delinquent schoolchild who is trying to skip class.

Conflicting Modes of Production

State run communism in Russia and China failed years before those governments finally handed over the means of production to their people. Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao both denied their working class victors the right to own the means of production – instead centralizing opportunity within their one party systems. When Russia and China did finally allow personal ownership of business, the means of production soon ended up in the hands of oligarchs as ruthless as the elites their original violent revolutions had fought hard to defeat.

How Can I Survive The Apocalypse?

Stop thinking you are one of “them.” You are working class so please remember your roots. As hard as it is to rise to the top – the fall is so much easier. We live on a finite planet with limited resources. Do what’s right for your grandchildren and their grandchildren. Be an Earth Caretaker. Consider yourself one of “us.”

If we are to have a peaceful evolution to Cap It All Ism, a resource based economy that values the economy of natural processes (what nature does for free) – where every transaction is taxed fairly for the benefit of future generations we must all act now, before and on the 8th of June.

In the short term, you may consider growing vegetables and planting fruit trees in your gardens at home. Buy from local suppliers this Spring and boycott products from multinational corporations (MNCs). Any new government would be wise to invest in and support local small holdings, permaculture – the whole farming industry across the UK needs community support.


Vocational colleges and the NHS need to be at the forefront of our education policy. The British government could seize all the green patents that are being wasted on the shelves – and make a ten-year plan so the UK becomes a green model of development.

We must become self-sufficient, so if Western civilization collapses, we are ready for whatever the future holds.

We could block the website of any company that sells in the UK but does not pay tax here, or seize their facilities to refashion that capital infrastructure into working co-operatives run by British worker-shareholders. The British elites must consider divestment away from companies who threaten our future – we all need to invest in supporting our local economy.

This is how we take back our country. It’s the elites who push society toward instability and eventual collapse. These elites hoard huge quantities of wealth and resources in a world that is not infinite. They leave little or none for the working class who vastly outnumber them but support them with their labour.

If we do not give Jeremy Corbyn (or a sympathetic coalition) the power to reconstruct the UK, then the working population (NHS) will crash because the portion of wealth allocated to us under the Tories is not enough. If the working class collapses before the robotic revolution, then the elites will also collapse due to an absence of labour.  In either case, the threat of global melt-down further compounds our political choices.

Brexit is a starting point that must not be squandered. Every effort should be made to make the UK sustainable. Devolution of power to the local level can form the basis for a future that 52% of the population felt so passionately to ask for in the 2016 referendum. Never in our history have the masses been so well educated and so ready for a community led Britain.

We have a choice, “We can have full employment fighting a war (the collapse of Western civilization) or we can have full employment developing a sustainable and culturally diverse UK that prospers in the 21st century.”

Please join us and help promote the Cap It All Ism movement by donating $10 (about £7.80) today. Comments are most welcome too.