Going To The Movies

This week English Teacher Online is going to the movies, writing movie riddles and making a movie poster.

Movie Riddles

It’s a fantasy movie that takes place in the world of elves, dwarves and orcs. Elijah Wood is in it. It’s about a hobbit as he struggles to fight the power of the ‘one ring’ which is trying to control him. He has to destroy the magic ring before an evil wizard can get it.


The answer is of course, The Lord of the Rings.

Make Your Own Riddles

Use this template to create your own riddle. Give clues such as genre, setting, actor, plot and climax.

Movie Title _________________________ (Keep this secret)

Clue #1: It’s a ________________________ (Genre)

Clue #2: It takes place ___________________ (Setting)

Clue #3: _______________________ is in it. (Actor)

Clue #4: It’s about ______________________ (Plot)

Clue #5: In the end, _____________________ (Climax)

Remember, if it’s a new movie you may want to exclude the climax so you don’t spoil the movie for someone who hasn’t seen it yet.

You can use the information to create a movie poster too.

Going To The Movies (Dialogue)

A: I’m bored. Do you want to do something tonight?

B: Sure. What do you feel like doing?

A: Well, I’m in the mood for seeing a movie. How does that sound?

B: I could go for a movie. What’s playing?

A: Lord of the Rings is playing at the Odeon theatre.

B: What’s that about?

A: It’s a fantasy, set in the world of elves and dwarves. It’s about a hobbit who has to destroy a magic ring before an evil wizard can get it.

B: Who’s in it?

A: Elijah Wood plays the hobbit who finds the ring.

B: What do the critics say about it?

A: The critics say it’s spectacular and entertaining.

B: OK. Let’s see that. What time does it start?

A: Show times are at 6:30 and 9:15.

B: Why don’t we catch the 9:15 so we can have a bite to eat before we go?

You can change the underlined dialogue with information about your favourite film.

What’s your favourite movie and why? Please leave a comment in the section below.

Author: Teacher Steve

Teacher Steve is 52 years old, happily married but has no children of his own. He's a fully qualified teacher who has been teaching English in sunny Thailand for over 15 years. Teacher Steve loves to write and decided to start English Teacher Online, in December 2016, to help students study English for free. He works tirelessly so that students can become fluent in English, empowering them to work and travel the world. You can also watch him teaching live at https://dlive.tv/Teacher_Steve?ref=teachersteve

4 thoughts on “Going To The Movies”

  1. It’s a Fantasy and action movie.
    It takes place in space.
    Mark Hamell is in it.
    It’s about Han solo who needs to help sky walker befeat the sith who want to take over the galaxy .
    In the end the jedi win.

  2. It’s an Action and science fiction movie.
    It takes place in pacific ocean.
    Raleigh Bucket is in it.
    It’s about monsters from the pacific ocean want to take over the world and the robots want kill and stop it to take over the wold.
    In the end the robots wins.

  3. My favourite movie is Beauty and the Beast. I watched it on the internet. It’s a very good musical made in March 2017 in America.

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