Science Fair

Special thanks to Teacher Skyla for giving Grade 5 this opportunity to create their own fun science experiment to present in an end of year science fair.

English Teacher Online would like to help students stay organised while you work together preparing your experiment and presenting it at the end of term.

You need to work on your project all term. Various parts will be due at certain times to make sure that you are making good progress. Please make sure you start each section well in advance of any due date.

Science Fair Timeline
Project Part Due Date
Topic and Purpose Nov 14
Research and Hypothesis Nov 28
Materials Dec 12
Procedure Jan 3
Data Jan 23
Conclusion Feb 6
Presentation Feb 19-23

You will have some class time throughout the term to work on your experiments, but you MUST do some work outside of science class. If you do not work in your own time, you will not have time to finish your experiment.

Grading Rubric

Each section of your project will get you points. All of the points will be added together for your final grade.

Project Part What do you need? Points
Topic and Question Hand in a piece of paper with your group name, your topic, and the purpose of your experiment. (Your purpose can be written as a question)

HINT: You can Google Science Fair Project Ideas and discuss them with classmates before choosing which group you want to work in!

Research and Hypothesis Research: At least 100 words about your topic. This can be things you know already or things you learned online.

Hypothesis: On the same paper, write your hypothesis for your experiment. What do you think will happen?

Materials Make a list of materials you will need for your experiment and hand it in.

Make sure they are items you can get easily!

Procedure Write the steps you will need to follow to do your experiment. These should be written in list form. 5
Data This is what happened in your experiment. If you had to take measurements or observations, write them down.

This should be in a chart, table, or graph

Conclusion What happened in your experiment?

Write a summary of what happened. Then answer the question you wrote in the beginning.

A good conclusion will be between 75-100 words.

Presentation 1. You must make a poster showing all of the steps of your experiment. We will look at example posters in class for you to see.

2. You must present your experiment to the class and teacher during experiment week. You can show pictures of you doing your experiment or you can bring parts of your experiment to show people. Whatever you think will make your presentation great!

Total All of the parts will be added together to get your total score. Good luck! 60

LATE POLICY: If you hand in your work late, it is minus 1pt for every day it is late. This includes days that we do not have science class.

Remember to keep talking to your group members and teachers at each stage of your project.