Introduction To History

English Teacher Online invites you to a 3-week long time travel mission beginning with this introduction to history.

History is the study of the past. Everything that has happened to people and things over time is history.

What is a Timeline?

Timelines help us understand history by telling us what happened when. They show us how much time went by in between events. Below you can see a technology timeline. What do you notice about it?

Family History

One of the most interesting parts of history is learning about your own family. We learnt how to make a Family Tree in Grade 2, so in Grade 5 you are going to create a Family Timeline to show important events and how much time happened between them.

Researching Your Life

The first step is to research your life by writing at least ten important events that have happened. Some examples include;

I was born at ____on _____ the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____ of ______ 20___.

My first word was “____” when I was __ months old.

I took my first step when I was __ months old.

I started kindergarten in 20___.

When I was ____ years old I _________.

I learnt to ride a bike ______________.

I learnt to swim _________________.

My younger brother/sister was born _____.

In 20__, I went to _____ with _______.

_____ I became a novice monk _______.

I got my favoutite toy, _____, in 20___ when I was __ years old.

My ________ died _________ when I was __ years old.

My beloved King Bhumibol the Great of Thailand died on the 13th of October 2016 when I was ___ years old.

I won my first _______ competition when I was __ years old.

You can add any other information that you want to put on your timeline. Next you have to put the events in order, by date.

How to Scale Your Family Timeline.

Turn a piece of A4 paper landscape and measure it. Decide on a scale for your timeline by dividing the length of the paper by your age. About 2.5cm per year is a good scale.

Draw a line through the middle of the paper so you can write about events both above and below the line. Think about adding pictures to your timeline while you are planning its design.

Researching Your Family

Once you have completed a timeline showing your own life, you can continue to do research about things that happened BEFORE you were born. You should try and write 20 sentences which  may include;

My older brother/sister was born __________.

My parents married on the ______________.

My parents first met __________________.

My ______ was born on ______________.

My ______ graduated from university in ___.

My ______ started his/her first job, as a ______ in _____.

My ______ got a promotion to ___________ in _____.

My ______ started our family business, ______ in _____.

My ______ moved to Nakhon Si Thammarat from _______ in ___.

My ______ bought his/her/our first car in _________.

The first person in my family to own a ____ was my _______ in ___.

The last person in my family to own a ____ was my _______ in ___.

My _______ met [a famous person] __________.

Please plan to meet, phone, email or message family members  so you can complete your family research this weekend.

Putting It All Together

Do you remember the scale you made for the timeline of YOUR life?

Use the same scale (maybe 2.5 cm per year) to make a family timeline going back 50 or 100 years! You will probably need several pieces of paper, one for each decade.

Good luck and remember, if you want to share your ideas or ask a question please post in the comment section.

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