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Hello and welcome to English Teacher Online, a site full of free lessons, tips, and reviews to help you become fluent in English. Do you need to improve your business English and get a new job? Do you want to study conversational English for a foreign holiday later this year? Are you in formal study and need extra help to pass an exam?

Whatever your reasons, English Teacher Online is designed to build confidence by offering support and services to anyone who is willing to learn. Email: anytime.

What Are Your Interests?

As a student you will study in the comfort of your own home and at the times that suit you. You will be in control and learn English about the things that are important in your life. You will study according to your own interests. We will encourage you to make a schedule and help you stay on track. If you subscribe to our free weekly newsletter, we will keep you informed of all the new and cool things happening at English Teacher Online.

We will show you how to develop your own free Fluent English Action Plan in just a few easy steps. We will help you make it as detailed or as lean as you decide. Your action plan will belong to you and will only include the things that you want to learn so you can quickly reach your goals. You will learn how to add to your plan and change your plan as your real life goals evolve, due to whatever your reasons.


Search For Free Lessons.

English Teacher Online is going to treat you like an adult so most of the free lessons are set out in posts. You can search for most topics and easily go back and forth between the pages picking and choosing the lessons that apply to you. Many of the lessons include tips, tricks and reviews to help you plan your own learning. We want you to progress quickly and efficiently on your quest to become fluent in English.

Students are at the heart of everything we do at English Teacher Online so you will need to put your thinking cap on and really help with your own development. We are here to guide your learning and will do anything we can to help you achieve success. We will give you the ideas for your lessons but you will have to turn your ideas into action. As we grow together I am sure we will become like family and you will never need another English teacher again.


Ask Questions!

If you have any questions about becoming fluent in English, then English Teacher Online wants to hear about it. This site is created to be a portal that engages with students all over the world. Don’t be shy to ask questions because that’s how we learn what our students want. Chances are there is someone out there who is thinking of the exact same question as you right now but is just too shy to ask. We need you to be brave. Ask that question. Practice your English!


Help Us Understand YOU.

Most of the lessons have a comment section at the bottom of the page. You are encouraged to reply with a brief summary or example of what you did in the lesson. You may want to inform us of any problems you experienced. This will give others a chance to see what is expected and how students are progressing here. Again, be brave and remember that English Teacher Online looks forward to your feedback so we can understand you better. This will give us a chance to improve our service to you and new students in the future. As a teacher, I want to keep learning all the days of my life!


Tell Your Friends.

Also, you can help us as we are always looking for new students to join our community. Please tell your friends to come check us out soon and maybe they will become fluent in English with you.

Ok, so what is your plan for this year? If you need help writing a plan, please see the free Fluent English Action Plan Page and decide what you want to learn this year with English Teacher Online.

You can always find me on the find a teacher page when you are ready to learn.

Thanks and good luck on your quest to become fluent in English,

Teacher Steve.

16 thoughts on “New Students”

  1. This is really a great site. I like the fact that you are willing to help people learn English for free. Most people like to take advantage of those who struggle in a foreign country. It sounds like a system that could be quite successful for those willing to put the time and effort into learning a new language. Very informative and great website!

  2. Hi, Thanks for this great information you provide. I’m dutch and still learning english. I do now have a level that allows me to have basic conversations. However, what still frustrate me is that I just don’t know enough phrasal verbs and adjectives. As long as I lack them I feel I’m far from fluency. Any tips to improve in/on that? Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello Steve,

    Correct me if I have any typo mistakes or grammatical error in my comment section here. Anyways, I remember the one way I had to improved my essay writing when I was young is expressing what my opinions are on a debatable topic, such as whether science subjects like Chemistry is vital in our lives and create an impact. There is not right or wrong answer but justification is what matters.

    Another point in which I would like to talk about is being brave as you mentioned here. I remember I was shy back in high school, but it all changed when I started socializing with well-spoken English peers, picking up on the way words are pronounced. Quite influential I must say.

  4. Is it true that English is one of the hardest`languages to learn? That is what I heard years ago, I know that it is widely used among many cultures. I come from the Bahamas and I am told that we speak broken English and not the Queen’s English. Your post is a great help to those who love to learn English, especially as a second language. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    1. Yes Norman, English is not the easiest language to learn but remember that it’s purpose is communication between human beings. If you can be understood, then the first hurdle has been overcome. Accuracy is the finishing line but becoming fluent should also be fun.

  5. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for asking for comments. I too need to have someone look over my website and make constructive comments so that I can better my website. I liked the attitude of your website that stated your desire to help others. I think that anyone who needs your help will be drawn to the site. Also, you have captured the one thing that sets you apart from others, your caution to keep you and your students safe. The 18 year old permission getting request is prudent and sets you apart from other solicitations to the youth of today. It was interesting to hear that there is a test that helps people qualify for beginning the launch into learning a new language. I will reread that section when I have time to fully understand it. Blessings to you.

    1. Thanks jkuhnrain. Parents trust us with their children and I take that trust seriously. Contact me via the find a teacher page and I will take a quick look at your website for you too.

  6. Hello Steve
    What a lovely read,as someone who is struggling with English( I can write better than talk) your site is like speaking to me directly.
    As much as I`d like to be perfect in English, I feel my failure to ask questions is holding me back, I dont feel confident enough to ask questions if I do not understand and I feel learning online can really improve this as there is no one to see me turn red when asking a question or struggling with a word.
    Thanks Steve, I think what you are doing,helping people learn English is really great, to me, English is the most important language out there.
    Going to sign up for your newsletter so as to get your weekly tips.

    1. Thank you Roamy, you are one of the many types of students I enjoy writing for. I do understand that shyness can be a huge hurdle that many struggle to overcome. Please do sign up for the newsletter and we can keep in touch that way.

  7. Really interesting information here and a great opportunity for people to learn the English language! Although English is very common throughout the world, there are people that do not speak it, and for those that do there is always room for improvement. Thanks Steve for this great approach! I wanted to ask too, do you recommend any other programs for different languages such as German or Italian? Thanks, Chris

    1. Thanks Chris, when reviewing English products I do occasionally see that some providers have other languages on their platform. I was not planning on recommending any other languages as the English market is large enough for me, but it’s food for thought. Thanks!

  8. This is a very interesting article. I like how you provide free content and can create a custom action plan for students. Communication is a key to success so I think it’s also great how you have put learning english for business as a topic that can also be learned

    1. Thanks Ben, communication is the key to success. The advanced level of this site is especially good for business people who need to be efficient with their time. Let me know what areas of business English you need and I will write a blog just for you and the 1,000 like you who need their questions answered quickly.

  9. Hi, I am about to further my study in an english speaking country. One of the requirements is to have IELTS result.
    Honestly, the preparation drives me crazy. Do you think I can benefitted this site for my preparation? Or you only aim for complete beginners? I really hope that I can find study partners online so it will be more joyful
    Thank You

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