Learn English Playing Rust

How do you like to study English?

Playing games or reading books?

In the classroom or online?

English Teacher Online continues to push limits and bend rules, as Teacher Steve experiments to find the best ways to help all students learn English.

You Must be 16+ to Play

Please read our Internet Safety for Children BEFORE you start!

How Can Rust Help Me Learn English?

In game, you must speak English to name things and find them on the map.

Be a pirate and pilot a boat!

Mine for stone, iron and sulphur or chop wood. You will need the best tools for each job!

Join a team, build a base, plant crops and craft weapons to protect yourself.

Write your own story to become a legend!

And the best part is … It’s totally free to play with Teacher Steve on Rust!

All you need is a computer that can run the Rust game and a microphone so you can speak online.

Or just watch us all play live on Twitch!

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Maybe you don’t like Rust and want to suggest other games for us to study English? Please message Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org 

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Always be careful online.