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When you need a personal touch, English Teacher Online will write individual lessons for YOU.

Here are some useful examples of lessons I’ve already written when students said, write me a lesson about

Airport English

Apostrophe Rules

Going To The Movies

Helping Me Understand IELTS

Making Money At Home On The Internet

Overcoming Shyness In Business English

Similes and Metaphors

Doing My A-Levels In England

The Order Of Adjectives

Writing A Valentine Love Poem

How To Ask For Your Personal Lesson

It’s not always easy to find the lesson you need but you are welcome to ask for a lesson by emailing Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org

I will write the lesson for you and message you when ready.

All the lessons are available to everyone for free, forever.

When you are ready to practice the language in each lesson with a native English speaking teacher, you can book me for your very own private lesson on Google Hangouts, Skype or QQ.

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