Planning Your Songkran Essay

Do you know the 6 ‘W’ question words? (one of them ends in W!)

Can you remember what information they ask for?

They make the questions you need to ask yourself when writing a diary entry, a story or any good descriptive essay.

In week 1, English Teacher Online will help you plan a piece of writing about your 2 month Songkran holiday. We will also play some ice-breaker games using the 6 ‘W’ question words.

So, did you get all 6 ‘W’ question words?

The 6 ‘W’ Question Words Are…

What? The topic, activity or story you want to write about.

When? The time, day, month or year something happened.

Where? Where the topic takes place or where something happens in your story.

Who? The main people or characters in the story. Who you did the activity with.

Why? Reasons why something happened, the because in the story that gives it meaning.

How? The way something happened, including your feelings and emotions. I felt…. It sounded like…. It looked like….  It smelt like…. It tasted like…..

When you plan to answers these 6 questions, your writing will suddenly become more detailed and interesting to the reader. Planning is a good way to get better grades too!

Week 1: Planning Your Songkran Essay

When we plan any piece of writing, it is important to ask the 6 ‘W’ questions.

Your topic (what) usually goes in the middle – then we need to ask the 6 questions again.

As the bubble plan expands, we must keep asking ourselves more and more questions until we see some interesting paths to write our story about.

The bigger your plan the more choices you will have to write a better story.

Look at the mini-plan for Owen (a person).

You can make a mini plan for almost anything you want to write about. Try to make a plan like Owen, for an interesting person, place and event in your Songkran story.

The Plan Helps The Story

Once you have finished your plan, you will need to decide which parts are interesting. Throw away the boring bits and do some more planning to make the best bits even better. Soon you will be ready to start writing your story about the long Songkran holiday.

You may choose to write about all the things that happened during your 2 month holiday – including the best or worst events – however, it is better to write about each activity in great detail.

In our writing lesson on Friday, you will learn how to describe a single activity. Try to tell the story from the outside (what was happening) and from the inside (how you were feeling). You will learn how to use dialogue (words spoken at the time) or thoughts to add impact and make your story more real.

If you can’t describe a single event in great detail, then please do your best and write about your Songkran holiday as a whole.

Remember to write your story in the past tense – except the dialogue, which should be written as it was spoken at the time!

“I understand what to do,” he thought as he finished reading his plan.

Songkran Holiday (Opening Lines)

This long Songkran holiday I did lots of fun things. In March I went …….

In April, I got ready for the Songkran Water Festival and bought a water gun.

You could use these sentences to get you started. Then add details such as, where, what, who how and why to create fun descriptive writing.

Games Using Question Words

In week one, you will play lots of games using the 6 ‘W’ question words to prepare you for writing about your holiday.

The games will help us get to know each other.

Get ready to have fun! But also remember that we only play games to help you learn English.

If you have any questions about your Songkran essay, you can post them in the comment section or email: Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org

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