Small Streamer Support Group

Are you a small streamer with less than 20 viewers a day?

Do you stream 4 hours daily but struggle for viewers?

English Teacher Online has the solution, setting up the Small Streamer Support Group in our Discord channel.

Join the #SmallStreamerSupportGroup to get these benefits.

  1. Tabs
  2. Raids
  3. Respect
  4. Sponsors

FACTS: Top streamers like LtZonda and RelentlessTV attract many new followers by having high concurrent viewer counts. They’ve worked hard to build a team of mods and hardcore fans who instantly give them 100+ viewers anytime they start their show, taking them to the top of their category.

QUESTIONS: How can we replicate these numbers for small streamers? What if we gave you 30+ viewers a day for 3 days every month? Could you grow your viewership and get 20+ concurrent viewers during the other 27 days?

Priority Tabs

You can support a maximun of 3 DLive streamers concurrently simply by having 3 Dlive tabs open at the same time. When you join #SmallStreamerSupportGroup we will ask you to prioritize and watch at least 2 other streamers from our group whenever you can. The third tab is all for YOU!

Please check Discord to see who’s new and online so you can support them with tabs. If you like their content, offer to be a mod!

Tab 1 – open a tab for the newest streamer to the support group. Drop them a few lemons, an ice-cream or whatever. Make them feel welcome and show them that the support group works.

Tab 2 – use your second tab to watch your favourite streamers in our support group. Build a relationship and offer to mod each other so you both have stronger community.

Tab 3 – use your third tab to watch any other streamer of your choice whether they are part of the support group or not. Use this tab to hop around within DLive – if you find someone who needs our help, why not invite them to join us?

Spend time jumping between the three tabs to keep the chat moving!

Why Do Tabs Work?

Because everyone in the #SmallStreamerSupportGroup keeps the 3 tabs open, each streamer has a higher chance to qualify for the DLive summer special bonus.

By watching each other’s streams, we will increase your chance of being noticed by new viewers who enjoy your content and support you with a follow, lemons or more.

Most people only stream about 4 hours a day so you can support more than 3 people in our group once you know who’s on at what time!

Remember that your goal is to build a hardcore base of 20+ viewers and mods so that you can make the jump to pro!

Raid & Grow with #SmallStreamerSupportGroup

Raiding is a Habit

Never go offline without raiding someone on the support list.

For non-partners, a raid is as good as a host. Bringing 2, 5, 10 or more viewers to a smaller channel is invaluable support and we should never underestimate its impact on viewer base numbers.

Make it a habit to raid someone at the end of all your streams!

As we all make partner and get the host function, we should have developed a ready made network to keep our streams growing steadily – as we move from part-time fun streamer to full-time pro.

Respect DLive & Be The Change You Want to See!

You are special, entertaining and a community celebrity for your own social group. Create your own style, be real, help people and spread the love like Cr4zyKmanGaming because that’s what DLive is all about.

Try not to moan in a negative way – Yes, there are constructive ways to moan! Be the change you want to see and enjoy streaming because that’s why people are tuning into DLive.

Attract A Sponsor

I often hear LtZonda and RelentlessTV shout out to their main benefactors.

If you are making good content, then sponsors will come and support you. Don’t ask for it – just keep doing what you’re doing and listen to your audience. If you give the people what they want, then someone will spot you and give you your big break.

I’ll add to this page as we grow so please keep sharing your ideas by posting a comment, email or join our Discord now.

Author: Teacher Steve

Teacher Steve is 52 years old, happily married but has no children of his own. He's a fully qualified teacher who has been teaching English in sunny Thailand for over 15 years. Teacher Steve loves to write and decided to start English Teacher Online, in December 2016, to help students study English for free. He works tirelessly so that students can become fluent in English, empowering them to work and travel the world. You can also watch him teaching live at

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