Sports Day Parade

English Teacher Online is proud to present AMC Sports Day parade at Sri Thammarat Suksa School.

On the 4th of August 2017, Sri Thammarat Suksa School provided one of the greatest road shows ever seen in Nakhon Sri Thammarat.

Hundreds of teachers and students in amazing costumes took part in the AMC Sports Day parade. It started in the middle of town and marched up Ratchadamnoen Road to the Sports Stadium next to the main Sri Thammarat Suksa School.

The road was lined with onlookers who cheered and took pictures of this incredible spectacle under the blue skies of yet another sunny day in southern Thailand.

This year the English Program (Phoenix team) chose to dress as ancient Egyptians and they really did the school proud. It was one of the best parades I have ever seen.

It made for an awesome mood and a fun filled day of racing was accompanied by cheerleaders, singing and dancing, food stalls and games to make this another great occasion.

Our thanks go to the teachers and school for organizing the event and the students who made it such a wonderful day.

Have you got any great photos from Sports Day? Please send them to Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org

What was the highlight of your sports day?

What race did you compete in and where did you finish?

How did you feel before, during or after the event?

Please post your answers in the comments.

Author: Teacher Steve

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15 thoughts on “Sports Day Parade”

  1. I like to see my friends run and win I want to cheer my friends and see beautiful clothing in the parade. the cheering was very exciting beaucause we had live music

  2. my favorite part at AMC SPORT DAY was when I ran in girls under 12 5x80m relay race . i wore red and white shirt and won secound place. Before I ran I was very nervous because the other team was ery tall and I was worried that I would lose. But after the race I fwlt happy because I got second place

  3. On sport day I was so excited to see the beautiful parade with colourful costumes.
    My friend Plai looked like an angle.Plai so excited to ware a colourful cloths.

  4. On sports day I was an athlete.I
    n the race.I race boy under twelve 5×80 and 4×100 meter relay race.and I race 80 meters.I got a first place for 80 meters and second place for 5×80 relay race.I felt vert excited before and very proud after the race.

  5. I was a cheerleader. I sat near Miunch and I watched people running in the races. I saw Fufu win a second place and I felt very proud of him.

  6. When I ran I felt excited but when I finished running I was confused. As soon I heard the cheering I got more energy and I grabbed second place. Then I saw the parade which was so beautiful. I saw my friend Pompam wearing a gorgeous costume.

  7. the highlight was the parade because the costume were beautiful they had angel phoenix and Egyptians .But sport day was very hot too!

  8. I like sport day because every year they have a beautiful parade.I like when they cheer.But I dont like when it too hot .I want to know that do every school cheer in the same day? I want you to guess that next year it will be hot or rain?

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