Gender Leads Corbyn Brexit and Education

This is an ongoing working essay for IFUGAO University Diploma in Teacher Education, Strategies in Teaching and Field Studies modules. English Teacher Online is taking a creative break to comment on the UK general election. I want to explore how gender leads Corbyn Brexit and education policy in the future – and in so doing, explain why I enjoy being a progressive English teacher for the global community.

On the 9th of June 2017, Teresa May’s Conservative Party made a deal with the Ulster Unionists (DUP) to take control of a (strong and stable) UK hung parliament. But those ten DUP members of parliament have been told that they can not negotiate different Bexit terms that benefit Northern Ireland.

Why not? The DUP should force the government to open the way for each of the regional players to have their say in local Brexit matters too. All the regions have different Brexit issues. This really is the right time for a ‘coalition of chaos’ and the regions need to be strong enough to tell the government what they need.

I have always thought that a strong and stable United Kingdom is one where a person’s home is their castle. My home is as dear to me as your home is to you, a fair and friendly United Kingdom. A strong and stable Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales, whose needs from Brexit are as fractured as a jig-saw puzzle.

We must accommodate each region (as we accommodate individual students in a classroom) and allow them to take part in their own Brexit negotiations for the benefit of their local community interests.

The coalition leader must be someone who understands the Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Londoners and English. One who knows how to guide these friends to be more than the sum of their separate parts.

Jeremy Corbyn is a leader who seeks to protect the environment, work with key stake holders in vital areas and fight for workers’ rights. As a Union man, Corbyn understands regional structures and how to work at a local level for the good of each individual community.  Young people are more engaged, and I sense the British people are ready to take our country back from Brussels – so let’s Brexit with Corbyn leading our ‘coalition of chaos.’

The UK’s Competitive Advantage is English Language

Corbyn’s pledge to put essential funds back into education so that every British citizen has the opportunity of free university education is a no brainer. Building more universities to take in extra numbers will fund the policy – by offering up to 50% of British university places to international students. Living in ASEAN, I know that parents of international students are ready to fund Corbyn’s free university tuition plan by paying for their children to study English in the UK.  Britain’s competitive advantage in the global market place is our English language.

We can improve our high quality free education system if we manage our resources properly. Education should also be creating a surplus to help fund our National Health Service (NHS) too.

Racism is still a problem and some British people need to learn how to integrate with the brilliant foreign minds who come to study in our technical colleges and universities. The British people must look deep inside themselves to find wisdom and compassion, for the prosperity of our cosmopolitan kingdom.

As a teacher, my job is to empower students to become good global citizens and equip them with the skills needed for lifelong self-directed learning. If the rich 1% (elites who selfishly hoard wealth and strangle our economy) want to leave the UK, then we should let them. If the Multi National Corporations (MNCs) left the UK today, British infrastructure would still remain.

The people would keep calm and carry on.

We could fill those empty buildings with faculties of education and student housing. We can transform the United Kingdom into a global language center, teaching English to anyone who wishes to learn. Let’s put education at the center of the UK’s ten-year plan for the future.

After Brexit, English will remain an important working language within the European Union (EU). Let’s strategically plan to protect English, let’s protect our competitive advantage and diversify for the stability of future generations.

Massive Brexit Team for Regional and Gender Equality

Teamwork and group collaboration in the classroom has become an accepted norm – it’s important preparation for students because it better reflects the real world we all work in.

Please sign this petition and help build the biggest team of negotiators possible for Brexit, because the UK isn’t going anywhere! We have many strong negotiating teams in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales ready to get talks started in their local areas. They understand their own different issues and needs, better than any centralized government could. We need to work so very hard because this is a national emergency. Does anyone else think the UK needs to seize back the means of production from the MNCs too?

Brexit is not the end, Brexit is an entrance.

Stop austerity and shake that magic money tree please!

I think young people like the name, “coalition of chaos” – we can relate, not everything is as ordered and easy as our parents told us. By negotiating professionally for their regional Brexit futures, the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and regional stake holders’ can get the best deals for their areas. Put everything on the UK table and discuss implementing what’s best for everyone, kingdom wide in 2019.

Stop the brain drain from Scotland. Put money back into sensible ideas like education, healthcare, milk rounds and community vegetables gardens. Trust UK communities to make the right decisions for themselves.

We need a leader who will fight for strong workers’ rights while protecting the environment through sustainable development.

This is how we become strong and stable. It’s how I teach in school, working hard to help students become good citizens who want to be proud members of the global family.

Gender And Education

Am I a better teacher when I embrace my feminine side? As a male teacher, I must remember to stay calm so I can nurture, guide, facilitate, motivate and negotiate with the students in a professional and sensitive manner. Playing games with any age group including adults is both relevant, fun and rewarding.

Corbyn says it would be, “appalling,” for the UK to strike another country with nuclear weapons. He says it would represent a diplomatic failure, potentially leading to a global extinction event.

Corbyn shows extraordinary empathy with the global community. He is a visibly unique male role model for citizens to follow. His stance on the use of nuclear weapons is defensive like the thoughts of a mother when protecting her children. Jeremy Corbyn is a great teacher and political leader.

We must remember that the British education establishment was built during the industrial revolution and in its own image. (Ken Robinson, 2010, RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms)


Victorian Britain was a deeply patriarchal place in our history. Setting children on conveyor belts according to their, ‘date of manufacture,’ run by slave masters carrying the dreaded cane – Victorian English Educators who maybe didn’t know any better?

I know that language learning is a much more evolved process.