A Night In The Jungle

Following on from Scout Day earlier this year, English Teacher Online invites you to use your creative writing skills to describe an amazing adventure following a night in the jungle.

A Night In The Jungle (edited from Macmillan English 2007)

After trekking all day, we stopped for the night. We put our bags down on the ground. There was a stream at the edge of this jungle clearing where we could get drinking water. Our guide lit a fire and when it was burning, we made beds from the soft moss that was growing nearby.

“We need enough wood to keep the fire burning all night,” the guide said. I jumped up quickly, “I’ll help you find it,” I relied.

We went off into the jungle to find as much wood as possible. The guide explained that we must have some larger pieces of wood. “They last longer and the fire must burn all night. We need the fire to keep away any animals that come near our camp. All animals are afraid of fire, aren’t they?”

It was almost dark by the time we had finished collecting a large pile of wood. We stacked the wood beside the guide’s bed so he could reach it easily during the night. He would be able to pick up the wood and put it on the fire without getting out of bed. We finished our supper and my guide fell asleep.

The jungle was a wall of blackness in the light of the fire. From far away in this darkness I heard the howl of a wild animal. I felt frightened and suddenly my mouth went dry. I really wished my guide would wake up and I wanted to scream. I felt my mouth open wide, ready to scream as loud as possible. I breathed deeply and was just about to scream out in fear, but I couldn’t make a sound. I could see my guide’s face in the firelight, “If I scream he will know that I’m afraid,” I thought to myself.

I clenched my teeth closely together to stop myself from screaming, lay down and closed my eyes. Immediately, I heard a thousand noises, the whole jungle was alive with creatures creeping all around me. I jumped out of bed, pulled out my knife and held it above my head. I was sure I was going to see a wild animal beside the fire. “A tiger, wild jackal, a lion or crocodile?” My mind was racing.

My guide was now laying on his side with his eyes open wide. “You can put your knife away,” he said quietly, “It’s time to go to sleep, isn’t it?” His calm voice made me feel better. I got back into bed and closed my eyes, knowing he was watching, I soon fell asleep.

Your Turn To Be Creative

The next day you wake up bright and early. You see your guide busy in camp. Use these questions to make a writing plan.

How different does the camp look in the daylight?

What does your guide look like?

What are they doing?

How do you greet him/her?

How do you help them?

Write a paragraph and share it in the comment section.