Order Of Adjectives

By Grade 5 you may want to use more than one adjective to describe a noun.

So in week 4 English Teacher Online helps you understand the order of adjectives.

We’ve also included some practice for you to think about too.

If you have any questions, please contact your wise old English teacher or leave a comment.

The Order of Adjectives

Number (two)

Opinion (lovely)

Size (small)

Age (new)

Shape (square)

Colour (blue)

Nationality, origin (Asian)

Material (plastic)

Purpose (shopping)

Noun (bags)

Examples using 2 adjectives to describe a noun

Two mean dogs. (number, opinion)

Lovely small kitten. (opinion, size)

Big old barn. (size, age)

New round marbles. (age, shape)

Square green stamps. (shape, colour)

Black pirate flag. (colour, origin)

Chinese wooden toy. (nationality, material)

Plastic shopping bag. (material, purpose)

How Many Adjectives Should I Use?

Sometimes (but NOT often) you may use all the adjectives to describe a noun.

The beautiful tall thick old green Brazilian rain forest.

However, it is much more usual to use just 2 to 5 adjectives to describe a noun.

Examples using many adjectives to describe a noun.

Two mean big old black dogs. (number, opinion, size, age, colour)

Small new square plate. (size, age, shape)

Antique brown wooden chest. (age, colour, material)

Practice for YOU

Choose the best answer from the options below.


1) The ________   _________ bird.

a) blue small

b) small blue


2) _________  __________  _______ trees.

a) tall old two

b) two old tall

c) two tall old


3) Five ________  _________  _________ coins.

a) silver old small

b) small silver old

c) small old silver


When you have finished you may check your answers below.

Answers: 1=b, 2=c, 3=c

Do It Yourself

How would you describe your favourite toy?

What other cool adjective combinations can you think of?

What did Daeng and Lek find in their net? (Macmillan page 14)

Please share your answers in the comment section.