Describe a Mythical Creature in Great Detail

This week English Teacher Online explains how to describe a mythical creature in great detail.

Suddenly I noticed a large snake-like form. Its small red eyes were hardly visible within its red armoured head. I could see large pointy horns and a wide grinning mouth full of razor sharp teeth. It stood on four legs with two enormous powerful wings and a long slithering tail. Its skin was covered with hard red and white scales, and it walked like a king. Suddenly it saw me and turned its head …..


Your Turn

1. Take a piece of A4 paper and mentally divide it into 3, turn it landscape.

2. In the middle 3rd of the landscaped A4, draw your mythical creature in great details to include key features starting with the eyes, mouth, teeth. horns, hair, plume, antlers, ears, nose, beak, body, arms, legs, wings, fingers, toes, claws, talons, hooves etc.

3. Choose each feature in turn and add some adjectives to it.


Example: Eyes

two eyes, two red eyes, two fiery red eyes

Keep playing with the words, adding and throwing them away, reordering them etc., until you are happy.

4. Label all parts of your mythical creature with adjectives describing each noun.

5. Go back and identify your best descriptions and try to improve some of the others.

6. Use your labeled picture to write a paragraph (5+ full sentences) describing your mythical creature as if the reader had never seen it before. Try to write your own sentences or use these to guide you.

Suddenly I saw (the shape or name of your creature).

Its (body feature) was/were (description of what they were doing/how they made you feel)

It had (start with the eyes and head)

I could see

I noticed

It looked like

Post your paragraph in the comment section. Thanks.