How to Study for Final Exams

Hi and welcome to another “how to special” from English Teacher Online, the site that helps you become fluent in English. This week I’m going to tell you how to study for final exams in a month or a week.

So the first tip is to start early. You should have been preparing for your final tests since day one of school. But hey! Some students don’t like that so let’s start studying in the final month.

In the final month make sure you attend all the review sessions and get all the review sheets. If school is closed, message a classmate and ask them to send copies to you. It’s obvious but if you have missed any school, you must go see your teacher and ask for the missing work. There is no short cut to doing assignments in the first place. Catch up on all the missing work as quickly as you can.

Study groups will start to form in the final month before exams. Make sure you know what subjects you need to do group work for and who you want to study with. Study groups are great for researching things that do not appear on the review sheets. This is especially important in higher education and for exams where you have to find past papers. Study groups can cover more ground together.

Looking at past papers is not cheating and is the wise thing to do. Don’t expect questions to be the same every year but if some questions keep coming up on a regular basis then you may want to spend more time reviewing them. If you are in a five student study group, find the top five most frequently asked questions and take one each. Come back to the group and share your research to give everyone the best chance of getting a top grade.

Create a schedule and then follow it. Some exams maybe more difficult than others or worth more of your overall grade. Make sure you give proper thought when planning your schedule. Split the more difficult and high priority subjects into smaller chunks. Fit your other easier subjects around them to give you variety. When you keep to your schedule and check off manageable goals, you will grow in confidence and have an appetite to study more often.

As you move into the final week, say no to cramming! Keep studying in shorter forty-minute sessions that resemble your normal school schedule. Take a ten-minute break between study sessions and get your body moving. Your brain needs to recharge when you break so have a quick dance or go for a brisk ten-minute walk.

Eat super foods to boost your brain power, high carb, high fiber, slow-digesting foods like nuts and muesli. What you eat in the week leading up to finals actually matters so try to avoid high fat, low carb food. Don’t eat too much meat, eggs, cheese or cream. Go for a healthy balanced diet that includes fruit and vegetables right through your final week of review for finals. If you find this too hard, you can promise to treat yourself with all the bad stuff once your final exams are finished!

Don’t force yourself to study in the same room, discover some nice new study locations and move between them. Find places with plenty of fresh air, natural lighting and more interesting backgrounds.

Try to avoid studying late into the night. Your body needs to get into a routine that prepares you for those early morning exams. Always get a good nights sleep so you can practice waking up on time!

Practice your tests and quiz yourself. You have found past papers, prepared your answers properly and organized it all for each subject. The last thing to do is practice writing those final tests. You can quiz friends or use flash cards as a fun preparation activity but there is nothing better than timing yourself as you write practice answers.

When you follow these instructions you will be well prepared for each subject. All that’s left is to, get a good night’s sleep, wake up early, have a good breakfast and go pass that test!

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