Shrunk To The Size Of

What would you do if you were shrunk to the size of an ant, a bird or a mouse?

This week, English Teacher Online takes a look at some amazing sci-fi stories where people were shrunk to the size of different animals.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids

A scientist and father builds a machine that shrinks his children to the size of insects. The movie gives a fascinating insight into the world of bugs as the kids try to find a way to return to normal size.


Arabian Knights

This magician has the power to change into any animal when he speaks the magic words, “Size of a …..”


Ant Man

Based on the Marvel Comic character of the same name, this 2015 blockbuster employs a high-tech body suit to operate in the land of the miniature.


Write Your Own Story

Imagine that you and a friend have been shrunk very small. What amazing adventure could you have?

What would insects and other things look like in your miniature world?

Look at the writing plan in the Grade 5 Macmillan book on page 124 – or make your own plan.

Write a few paragraphs to illustrate your ideas.

Share your best descriptions in the comment section.

Fantasy Fiction

Have you ever read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?

Do you love Aslan and the fantasy world of Narnia?

The Mysterious Cupboard Fantasy Fiction story in week 7 is an opportunity to let your imagination go wild – with the help of English Teacher Online.

Tips to help you write fantasy fiction. Where are you going? How will you get there? Who are you going with? How do you feel at each stage of your journey? What noises do you make and what do you say on the way?

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

(Chapter 1 Summary)

Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are four siblings who have been sent to the countryside to escape air raids during World War II. They come to stay with Professor Kirke, an eccentric but kind old man who lives in an old house filled with surprises. On their first day in their new home, it rains so the children decide to explore the house. They discover a spare room that is completely empty except for a large wooden wardrobe. Peter, Susan, and Edmund leave the room, but Lucy stays behind to look inside. The door opens so Lucy steps inside the enormous mysterious cupboard.


As she walks deeper inside, the floor starts to feel cold and strange. Finally, she emerges in a snowy forest. She feels very excited and decides to explore the forest, knowing that the safe wardrobe is still behind her. Eventually, she meets a faun, a creature that is half goat and half human. The faun is carrying an umbrella and several parcels. When it sees Lucy, it is so surprised that it drops everything.

Planning Your Story

Almost anything can happen in fantasy fiction as long as the writer can make it seem believable. In week 7, you will write the opening paragraph to your own Mysterious Cupboard story.

Where are you going?

Think about what you want to find on the other side of the mysterious cupboard. Is it a sandy beach, a steaming volcano, a thick forest, a snowy mountain, or something completely different? Are you going to meet someone or something on the other side?

How does it feel?

Now think about the surface of the floor. Is it hot or cold, soft or hard? Does it make a sound as you step on it? How do you feel inside the cupboard? Remember to write as if you don’t know what’s on the other side!

Describe the Magical Entrance

Now, look back at the order of adjectives lesson and describe the mysterious cupboard. It is the entrance to your strange fantasy world. As you step inside and move through it, describe how the normal space changes into a magical land.

Finally, are you going with a friend or on your own?

There are more writing tips in your Macmillan book so good luck and have fun!

If you need extra help you can post a question in the comments or Email: Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org