Study Groups In Grade 5

It’s review week so English Teacher Online wants to help you make study groups in Grade 5.

Study groups are a great way to review for tests and completes our lesson how to be a great student.

What Is A Study Group?

A study group is a small group of students or friends who come together to help each other, usually to prepare for a test.

Why Are Study Groups Good?

Study groups are good because they force you to change your way of thinking and behaving. The group needs you AND you need the group – that will help you all get things done!

Group study encourages students to explain things out loud. By speaking and listening to others, you will improve your ability to remember information on test day!

Students who study with others are forced to become more organized. Once you learn to date and label your notes, you’ll understand that organized notes make much more sense at the end of the week than mixed up ones.

Group discussion help you understand different points of view, which can improve your chances of guessing test questions. Group members bring up ideas and thoughts you didn’t consider. These many views are sure to pay off on test day!

Finally, you’ll find that the benefit of group study goes beyond good results on test day. It helps build self-confidence, so you are happier at school. Speaking in small groups also prepares you for speaking to larger audiences in the future.

So go ahead and start building a group of like-minded students who share your goals for success.

Be sure to make a set of study rules and stick to them.

The results will show up in your EV books!

How do you prepare for exams? Please share your ideas in the comment section.