I Want To Learn English Talking About

What do you love to talk about?

English Teacher Online listens when you say, “I want to learn English talking about [add your interests here].”

We know it’s not easy to become fluent in English when the subject is boring.

People have many different interests in life and some topics never get taught at school.

That’s why we wrote this post, I want to learn English talking about …

Computer games, sports, heroes, hobbies, travel, cooking, my pet cat Fluffy! Any topic you can think of would be the perfect starting point for a fun English lesson online.

Choose your own topic and let us do the rest. Interesting and fun lessons for you to learn English. If you want to study grammar, we can do that too!

How does it work?

Can you remember the 6 question words? What, when, where, who, why and how? Can you write 6 questions about the thing you want to study right now? Below are some examples to help you.

What is your favourite topic?

When do you do this thing?

Where is your favourite place to do it?

Who does it with you?

Why is this your favourite topic?

How would you teach someone else to do this thing?

What other questions can you ask about your topic?

Can you answer your questions?

Try writing the questions and answers (in a notebook or) in a Word document on the computer. Later, we can share Word documents on Google and discuss how to make better sentences together.

After checking your sentences, you could post the best ones in the comments section and start a discussion. You would be surprised how many people want to study the same topics as you. It’s easy to find a study partner or form a study group to keep costs low.

Video Prompts

We live in an online world and the internet is full of great videos. There must be thousands of videos about the topics you love.


Videos are a great way to prepare for any lesson because they can provide valuable vocabulary. Videos often start conversations and discussions when we ask questions like;

What do you think about the people in the video?

Have you ever thought about [something in the video]?

Do you agree with a message in the video? Why or why not?

How could you start [a club like] that in your own town?

Who would you ask to help you? Why?

There are so many directions a video can send the conversation. That’s why a video prompt is the perfect way to prepare for English lessons.

Google Hangouts, Docs and YouTube

If you want to pay for an online lesson, we can study using Google Google SuiteHangouts or Skype, in groups or on your own. The whole point with online learning is that YOU get to choose what’s best for you.

I recommend the Google suite of products because you can watch a YouTube video before your lesson begins.

We can use Google Documents like an interactive classroom to share your written work live!

Google Hangouts or Skype allows us to speak to each other while working with a document on the screen.

Tell me your topic and I will write a fun lesson that keeps you interested.

Facebook Threads

Social media is really popular with students because it’s a quick and easy way to practice English for free. Facebook treads are just one way to study English with friends during the school holidays.

It’s really simple to get a conversation going. Discussions can move in many different directions at the same time. You can post replies or just read what other people think so there’s no real pressure!

I know some people are shy but it’s only a Facebook thread. It’s only a game to help you practice English.

Just do it! And you can study on-the-go for free too!

Have you seen the Facebook threads on my wall? You are welcome to join a thread anytime.

Not Like School

It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes because this is not like school. There are no grades and no one will make you do anything.

Think of it like a game, where you can make mistakes and learn English while having fun with your friends too.

Please post a comment or question to start a discussion now.

If you want to book a lesson please email: Steve@englishteacheronline.org