Mid Term Reflection of Grade 5

How’s it going?

English Teacher Online takes a break with our mid term reflection of Grade 5 – to help us understand what to do next. Remember our week 0 blog, How to be a Great Student?

Reflection is important because we do not learn from experience alone, but rather we learn from reflecting on those experiences.

As you chill out after finishing your midterm exams, your teachers will also be reflecting on what’s happened so far.

How to Reflect

We have studied so many different things between week 1 and 10, what have you learnt from them?

What was your favourite topic and how could you further your interest in it?

What subject do you not understand or need extra help with?

What do you love most about Grade 5?

How could the school make Grade 5 better?

How could you make Grade 5 better?

Please write your answers in the comment section or email: Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org

Learning from direct experience can be more effective when combined with reflection. We intentionally attempt to synthesize, abstract, and articulate the key lessons taught by experience. Reflection is a powerful mechanism behind learning.