How to Write a Poem for Your Valentine

Less than a week till Valentine’s Day. You’ve suddenly realized that you need to compose a poem for your wife, sweet heart or the girl in your dreams. Stay calm, English Teacher Online is here to teach you how to write a poem for your Valentine.

Brainstorm your senses

When you are with your love, what goes through your mind? Write down
all the sensual words to describe her. Her touch, sounds, taste and smell. Don’t just focus on looks. Describe all the feelings you have for her. Your ideas will develop as you write your poem so just brainstorm everything first.

Remember the good times

Love is personal so think about all the best times you’ve had with your love. When did she come into your life? Where were you and what were you both doing? What did you feel when you first saw her? What did you think and say? What can you remember about your first date? What happened just before that first kiss? Try to be nostalgic about her favourite times. Is there a second or third date that she keeps talking about. It’s the small details that matter in love poetry so remind her about them.

Tell Her She’s Special

She is the most amazing person so tell her how much she has improved your life. Make comparisons. Think about some of your hardest times before you met her. What bad habits do you have that she puts up with? What role does she play in your life? What dreams do you have together that you didn’t have before? It’s really important to let her know how much you love her in a practical way, then rephrase it romantically.

Keep It Real

Be yourself! Whatever you do, don’t try to be someone else. She knows you and will spot anything fake or copied a mile away. Write about the things you think about her but are too shy to say out loud. You know what she likes so perform the poem through your real life experiences together.

Rhythm and rhyme

Rhythm is better than rhyme and it’s important that your words flow with sincere sensuality. Trying to force rhymes can kill any poem so just let it happen. If most of your poem does rhyme, then great – you can play with it. The most important thing with love poetry is to tell her how you feel. Focus on the message.

Ready to Write? Follow the Steps Above

1) Brainstorm your senses.

2) Remember your good times together.

3) Tell her she’s special.

4) Keep it real.

5) Work with the rhythm.

Need Extra Help?
Write a Simile

________________ is like _________________

Your smile, laugh, touch, eyes  (is/are like)


Write a Metaphor

You are (my) _____________________________

Compare your lover to a positive or powerful force in your life.


You can find 10 of the best romantic poems here. 

Play with the words and share your love in the comments section if you dare. We are on a mission to help the world become fluent in English so please tell us what lesson you would like to see next.