Describe Your Family

How many people are there in your family?

What jobs do they have?

Describe their personalities.

Give examples to explain how they help you.

It’s week 2, English Teacher Online helps you to describe your family. You should start by saying how big your family is and listing the family members you live with. Then you can describe each person one at a time.

Look back at the mini-plan for Owen, and remember to focus on people’s good points – turn any bad characteristics into positives!

Describe Your Family

I am very lucky to have a large, loving family. There are 6 of us, my father, mother, older brother, older sister, younger sister and me.

My father is a businessman. He is hardworking, reliable and loves me very much. My father has sacrificed a lot to raise his family and is a very good person, everybody respects him. He is honest, brave and talented.  He has a good heart and does anything he can to make me happy.

My mother is a doctor. She is loving, caring and hardworking. My mother is so kind and has done so much to raise us. She is very understanding and is one of my best friends. She knows a lot of things and has so many practical skills like cooking, sewing and managing our home.

My older brother is studying at university. He is brave, smart and polite. He is so talented and knows a lot about different things. He taught me how to play piano. He is kind and helpful and always supports me no matter what. He is a good friend and always protects me.

My older sister is in secondary school. She is funny, caring and a good friend. She always makes time for me and helps me with my homework. My sister is supportive, talented and we have lots of good memories together.

My younger sister is the mischievous little one in our family. She has the smile of an angel but often takes my things without asking. She loves art and crafts and is really good at making a mess.

I am also close to my extended family which is very big. I have 6 aunts and uncles plus 10 cousins. My grandparents are very important to me too. They are old and wise, and have taught me so many things. My grandpa is so patient and often takes me fishing at the lake.

A death in the family is never easy but you can try to keep their memory by writing about the things you remember.

Try to write some paragraphs about the 5 closest members of your family. If you’re not sure, you can ask a question in the comment section or email Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org