Save The Planet

There are so many problems in the world today – such as, deforestation, air and water pollution, animals on the verge of extinction, the list goes on and on.

But don’t worry, lots of people are working hard to help solve these problems. This week English Teacher Online invites you to think of a way to help save the planet too.

Watch this video about deforestation. What are the problems caused by deforestation? What are some of the solutions?


Watch this video about air, water and soil pollution. What is causing the pollution? What harm does the pollution do? What can we do to help stop pollution?


Watch this video about the top 25 endangered animals. How many of each animal is left in the wild? What threathens their extinction? How can we help save them?


Your Turn To Save The Planet!

What do you want to do to help save the planet?

Choose a special cause that is close to your heart?

Do some research.

Find out the main reasons for the problem?

Use facts and figures to support your view.

Think of some solutions to the problem.

Try to persuade people to join you on your quest to save the planet.

Find a good picture that highlights your issue.

Finally, make a plan of how to best organize all your research and present it as a poster. There are some more tips on page 114 in your Macmillan book.