Shrunk To The Size Of

What would you do if you were shrunk to the size of an ant, a bird or a mouse?

This week, English Teacher Online takes a look at some amazing sci-fi stories where people were shrunk to the size of different animals.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids

A scientist and father builds a machine that shrinks his children to the size of insects. The movie gives a fascinating insight into the world of bugs as the kids try to find a way to return to normal size.


Arabian Knights

This magician has the power to change into any animal when he speaks the magic words, “Size of a …..”


Ant Man

Based on the Marvel Comic character of the same name, this 2015 blockbuster employs a high-tech body suit to operate in the land of the miniature.


Write Your Own Story

Imagine that you and a friend have been shrunk very small. What amazing adventure could you have?

What would insects and other things look like in your miniature world?

Look at the writing plan in the Grade 5 Macmillan book on page 124 – or make your own plan.

Write a few paragraphs to illustrate your ideas.

Share your best descriptions in the comment section.

Get Excited by STEM

Do you find Science, Technology, Engineering and Math a bit too much or do you get excited by STEM?

English Teacher Online thinks that one of the best ways to teach students about STEM is through the use of robots.

Robots are fun and exciting for children because when you think of robotics, you might think of your favorite cartoons or superheroes. Learning how to build and use robots is a logical way to teach STEM skills to children.

Robot kits start from only 400 Baht. The Solar Robot 7 in 1 Space Fleet is a great first time robot kit to get children interested in robotics. It’s an innovative solar powered science kit to build 7 different space vehicles. The kit includes a Space Station, Robot Rover and even a Space Dog, all powered by either a solar panel or micro rechargeable battery.

This video explains how the Solar Robot 7 in 1 Space Fleet will keep your child engaged and happy for hours.


Robots can give you a real head start in subjects like computer programming, math, and science. It can spark an interest in careers that you have never considered before.

Robots teach more than tech skills!

Robots develop problem-solving skills and get people working together.

Problem-based learning inspires creativity and critical thinking.

Students play with a robot and don’t think about the fact that they’re learning.

Robots can help people with disabilities.

Why not challenge your child with the power of robots and buy them one today? It’s a wonderful hobby that has the potential to turn into a career.

Robots are becoming a bigger part of everyday life. How do you think robotics will be used in the future?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section or email Steve@EnglishTeacherOnline.Org