Wealthy Affiliate University

There is no graduation ceremony and you won’t get to wear a gown but is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam or not? I have been using the Wealthy Affiliate website training platform to build English Teacher Online since December 2016 and I can guarantee that it is not a scam. In this article I will detail my own experiences with Wealthy Affiliate and explain what you can expect when you sign up for free. I will explain why I saw the advantages of upgrading to premium within seven-days and how you can benefit from this discount period too. Please read this article to the end and join using my affiliate referral link (or banner below), I will even give you my email address so we can build a lasting relationship together. Email: steve@englishteacheronline.org

Let’s get one thing straight, Wealthy Affiliate University is not a recognized university course and you will not get a degree certificate from it. WA is a professional and regularly updated support platform for online business management with a strong focus on affiliate marketing. They retain their active membership by providing them with a proven business model and excellent ongoing support for success. This includes a comprehensive video training program that continues to be developed in line with new technologies.

Before I joined WA I asked myself, is the Wealthy Affiliate University a scam or is it real? Like you, I put that question into my search engine and found an article like this one you are reading now. It’s only because I have always wanted to run my own website that I decided to sign up for free.

I wanted to create my own website because I am an experienced English teacher who wants to help people become fluent in English. The internet is a perfect platform with millions of students for me to reach but the reason I didn’t start a website earlier was that I could never find the right support structure. I didn’t understand how to start an online business so I just stumbled around in the dark and eventually gave up. My family discouraged me too and I never really went for my dreams.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate’s training program was the best decision I have ever made and they are like a second family to me now. They have guided me through the process of understanding Word Press, the world’s most popular professional website design program. With that knowledge in hand they showed me how to build English Teacher Online and negotiate all the fiddly settings within Word Press that I couldn’t have done on my own. To this day they are still helping me do that.

They gave me the first of their six courses for free which included ten clear and concise video lessons. These lessons are all free for the first seven days which is more than enough time to complete the level one course. I recommend that you work through the ten video lessons slowly so you can absorb the information fully. You should also go back to review anything that you may have missed the first time.

One week is more than enough time for you to complete the first ten free lessons so don’t rush. After seven days of free membership, you can decide whether you have what it takes to make a thriving online business of your own. After seven days you can choose to upgrade to premium for a discount price of $19 for one month. Subsequent months of premium are $49 but I was so impressed with the premium package that I paid $359 for the yearly membership, that’s only $30 a month. That price includes the hosting of up to 25 websites, SSL (giving me https) so I can take secure payments, as well as all the support and training that the Wealthy Affiliate community supplies.

At the start, I knew that my niche market would be English teaching online because that’s what I love to write
about. On the second day of my free trial I decided to purchase https://englishteacheronline.org to reflect my commitment and desire to succeed in English teaching online. In that first week, WA also guided me through the process of how to create interesting content, to get people to come and visit my site. Real people like you and me were visiting and helping to build my business. I was fascinated by all the insights that I was being exposed to and suddenly realized that Wealthy Affiliate University was not a scam but just a very clever advertising campaign slogan.

Like I said, there are six levels to the courses within Wealthy Affiliate University each offering ten lessons each. That is sixty video lessons of expert guidance and I am so pleased that I was able to study them all. Once you finish the training there are even more new videos offering insightful reflections and reviews. Throughout the course, members are on hand in the live chat room or you can search for information by visiting the Q&A section. I usually get an answer to my questions within minutes. There is so much knowledge to gain and I often find myself looking back to previous lessons so that I can make my online business the best in my niche market place.

I have learnt so much technical stuff too and feel relaxed enough to continue writing with confidence. I learnt more in my first month with Wealthy Affiliate than in 20 years trying to do it by myself. I have since added to my online business experience and feel I now have enough knowledge to help others build an online business of their own.

That’s what you get when you sign up with Teacher Steve. I have been teaching English for almost twenty years so I will be able to give you some extra help with your writing too. As well as the experienced internet marketing community within Wealthy Affiliate, I promise to support you every step of the way.

So do you have a passion that you want to turn into a successful online business? Do you want expert advice from an experienced writer who has seen it and been there?

My referral link is http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=b9066427  Please click on it and join now so we can start building a lasting business relationship together.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best of luck in your life, don’t give up on your dreams and if you have any questions please email me: steve@englishteacheronline.org