Compare English Teachers

Welcome to the compare English teachers page, a new one stop shop to compare all the best English teachers and courses that I have found on the internet.

English Study Online (ESO)

I am going to start my under $30 recommendations with English Study Online (ESO) because they offer the full range of English courses including, private lessons, exam preparation, English certification and business English. Lessons are fun and engaging with state of the art e-learning technologies, such as whiteboards, audio, video and interactive quizzes to keep you engaged. They offer flexible scheduling so you can choose the study times that work for you.

All ESO teachers are fully qualified native English teachers who come from either the USA or Britain so you can choose to practice the style of English that suits your needs. If you want to become fluent in English you will need to practice with native English speakers as much as possible. Just like regular school you will be assigned homework which means your money is well spent. Teachers are really good at keeping students informed and motivated by providing regular progress reports and feedback.

I really like their reputation for student centered learning. If you need a lesson designed for a specific event they will do it for you. Maybe you need to work on your CV, interview questions, help with business English, conversation for a business lunch or just joining in a social conversation. ESO will tailor your lessons to meet your objectives and goals.

ESO has been helping students become fluent English speakers for over 10 years and there are literally 100’s of testimonials from happy students for you to read. There are also teacher profiles for you to review so you can actually research your teacher and decide who you want to learn with. Once you have your teacher of choice just sit back and learn in the comfort of your own home. Click here to get your 33% discount now and find a lesson that is even cheaper than mine!

Alternatively, you can learn with Teacher Steve for only $30 an hour.